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NYAAP Welcomes Sandy Drob as an Honorary Member

On June 2 NYAAP voted to accept Sanford Drob, Ph.D., as an Honorary Member of NYAAP.

Sandy has contributed to the field of analytical psychology as both teacher and author. Some of his contributions are manifest in three of his most recent books:

Kabbalistic Visions: C.G. Jung and Jewish Mysticism, (2010),

Reading the Red Book: An Interpretive Guide to C.G. Jung’s Liber Novus (2012)

Archetype of the Absolute: The Unity of Opposites in Mysticism, Philosophy and Psychology. (2018)

His recent opus, Archetype of the Absolute of which he spoke about at our on June 2nd 2019, was reviewed by our fellow NYAAP member Leslie Stein in the forthcoming issue of Jung Journal:

It takes a particular type of person, or rather a particular person, to write a complete work on this impossible subject that requires both psychological and philosophical expertise, as well as a willingness to undertake a mystical quest to approach a unitythe Archetype of the Absolute”—to contain the opposites In terms of expertise, Sanford Drob has the required unique combination of philosophy, psychology, and understanding of Jungian thought, as he holds PhDs in both philosophy and clinical psychology, has written extensively on Kabbalah, and is on the faculty of the C. G. Jung Institute of New York. The work, therefore, crosses seamlessly between psychology, philosophy, Jungian thought, and mysticism, and for that reason alone will become a classic, historical marker for Jungs notion of the coincidentia oppositorum.

Sandy taught a course on the Red Book at our Institute in 2015 using material from his book, Reading the Red Book: An Interpretive Guide to C.G. Jung’s Liber Novus, and recently completed a seminar at the C.G. Jung Foundation: The Master Archetype: Integrating the Opposites in Life, Thought and Psychotherapy, based on his more recently published book.

As a painter Sandy marshals the aesthetics and some of the techniques of the “old masters” and filters them through the spirit of contemporary experience, philosophy and theology. You can view some of his work at his website. 

In addition to being an artist, Sandy holds doctorates in philosophy from Boston University, and clinical psychology from Long Island University, and for many years served as the Senior Forensic Psychologist and Director of Psychological Assessment at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. He is currently on the Core Faculty of the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology of Fielding Graduate University, where he teaches classes in Humanistic/ Existential psychology, forensic psychology and psychological assessment.  He maintains an active practice in forensic psychology and psychological assessment in New York City.

Sandy’s warm personality is well known to many of us, and we are happy to welcome him to the NYAAP community.