What is NYAAP?

C.G. Jung Center

The Purpose of NYAAP

Our mission is the dissemination of Jung’s theory and its ongoing development through teaching, lecturing, and local and international publishing. At the core of our work is the integration of Jung’s archetypal and mythological thinking with current psychological understanding in all aspects of developmental and clinical theory.

NYAAP’s mission includes:

  • Maintaining the Jung Professional Referral Service to personally assist people seeking a Jungian analyst or supervisor
  • Setting and upholding high standards in the training of Jungian analysts and the clinical practice of Analytical Psychology
  • Providing study and research relating to Analytical Psychology
  • Contributing to and participating in the regional, national, and international life of the analytical community
  • Promoting professional enrichment programs and collegial fellowship among practicing Jungian analysts
  • Providing an affiliation for members with the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP)
  • Holding professional and business meetings for members

Officers of the NYAAP

  • President: Kendrick Norris, DMin, PhD
  • Vice-President: Sarah Jackson, MFA, MA, LP
  • Secretary: Irina Doctoroff, MS, LMFT, LP
  • Treasurer: Beth Darlington, PhD, LP