C.G. Jung Center Community

About The C.G. Jung Center

The C.G. Jung Center is housed in a historic brownstone at 28 East 39th Street, just around the corner from Madison Avenue and a few blocks from Grand Central Station. The building is occupied by five Jungian organizations. Each undertakes a particular aspect of our common mission: disseminating the theories and works of C.G. Jung, and supporting their ongoing development and integration with clinical practice. We serve the larger New York community and assist people worldwide. Our five-part community is comprised of The New York Association for Analytical Psychology (NYAAP), the C.G. Jung Institute of New York, The Foundation for Analytical Psychology and Book Service/Store, The Analytical Psychology Club of New York and Kristine Mann Library, and the Archive for Archetypal Symbolism. Our community is dedicated to helping people pursue learning about Jungian concepts, connect with Jungian analysts, and advance scholarship.

New York Association for Analytical Psychology (NYAAP)

The New York Association for Analytical Psychology (NYAAP) is a professional society of graduate Jungian analysts practicing primarily in the greater New York metropolitan area and throughout the United States and Canada. NYAAP provides professional enrichment for members, conducts regularly scheduled business meetings, and maintains a free personalized Referral Service for the public. NYAAP is a charter member of The International Association for Analytical Psychology and plays a leading role in both the local and international Jungian communities.

For more information see: About NYAAP

C.G. Jung Institute of New York

The C.G. Jung Institute of New York offers a post-graduate clinical training program that prepares students for professional practice as Jungian psychoanalysts. The training program is designed to meet the requirements for New York State licensure as a Psychoanalyst. Students develop their clinical experience through the Institute’s Referral Service. They are further enriched by participation in the worldwide community of Jungian analysts, and many opportunities for ongoing learning. This Training Program aims to develop Jungian analysts with personal and professional competencies in theory and clinical practice. Throughout training, students engage in personal analysis and supervised clinical practice. Jungian psychology is studied and applied in the context of an evolving psychological field. The Training Program’s philosophy, institutional policies, and teaching methods value open dialogue, creative expression, and critical discussion. The teaching and supervising faculty have extensive clinical experience, are distinguished in their fields, and represent a diversity of backgrounds.

For additional information about training at the Institute or their low-fee referral service
Call us: 212-986-5458 or Email us: cgjunginstituteofny@gmail.com

C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology

The Foundation’s mission is education; it provides the public a varied program of lectures, seminars, courses, symposia, and workshops taught by Jungian Analysts and others in related fields who have knowledge of Jung. Founded in 1962, the C.G. Jung Foundation is “dedicated to helping men and women grow in conscious awareness of the psychological realities in themselves and society, find healing and meaning in their lives, reach greater depth in their relationships, and live in response to their discovered sense of purpose.” The public is welcomed to attend the extensive program of lectures, seminars, courses, symposia, and workshops that are given each semester. The bookstore offers a wide selection of books on analytical psychology and related subjects, and it’s journal Quadrant offers interesting and accessible articles and reviews on analytical psychology. Janet Careswell is the Executive Director.

The C.G. Jung Foundation, 28 East 39th Street, New York NY 10016. For information
Call us: 212-697-6430 or Email us: info@cgjungny.org.

C.G. Jung Bookstore & Service

The C.G. Jung Foundation Book Service sells publications, either at the store or by mail order. The ever-growing inventory encompasses over 2,800 titles, from Jung’s writings to works on varied subject matter relating to analytical (Jungian) psychology, such as mythology, symbolism, mid-life development, men and women’s issues, religion, the arts, astrology, and reference material. The C.G. Jung Foundation Book Service offers an unparalleled selection of books for sale.

The bookstore, small in size but large in scope, is welcoming to browsers who enjoy a rich, unpressured intellectual environment with helpful service in the old tradition. The sitting room invites customers to peruse the available books and enjoy reading. It also has a busy mail order department for customers across the United States and around the world. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

The Book Service is housed on the first floor of the C.G. Jung Center, 28 East 39th Street, New York, New York 10018.
Call us: 212-697-6433 or 800-356-JUNG or Fax us: 212-965-3989 or Email us: books@cgjung.org.

Business Hours:
Monday: 10am – 4pm
Tuesday: 10am – 4pm
Wednesday: 10am – 4pm
Thursday: 10:30am – 5pm
(Thursdays October–May open until 7pm)

Analytical Psychology Club of New York

The Analytical Psychology Club of New York, Inc. was formed in 1936 to provide a gathering place for self-discovery, the heart of Jungian theory. The Club hosts social gatherings, meetings, and study and discussion groups where members and guests exchange ideas and share experiences related to analytical psychology. Most Club programs and events are open to the public for a small fee. Membership is open to those who have completed 50 hours of Jungian-oriented therapy and have been recommended by a qualified therapist. Study groups may form on subjects like literature, film, religion and poetry. The APC Lounge on the fourth floor of the building is available for use by members when the building is open.

Members are encouraged to participate in the Club’s activities and to join our committees, currently including Executive, Editorial, Website, Hospitality, Investment, Program and New Directions. Other committees and study groups on such subjects as literature, film, religion and poetry may be formed, depending upon the interests of the membership. The President of the APC of NY is Joe Moore, PhD, LCSW.

To contact the Analytical Psychology Club of New York, leave a message
Call us: 212-557-1502 or Email us: contact@jungclubnyc.org.

Kristine Mann Library

The Kristine Mann Library provides an important resource for Jungian studies. Open to the general public, the library’s mission is to provide access, assistance, and training in the use of its unique collection. The Library collects and catalogs books, journals, papers, and audiovisual materials by and about C.G. Jung and others in the field of Analytical (Jungian) Psychology. The collection also includes materials in related areas of study such as theology, alchemy, mythology, symbolism, the arts, anthropology, psychoanalysis and general psychology. The Librarian is Lorna Peachin​.

For Information
Call us: 212-697-7877 or Email us: info@junglibrary.org

Business Hours
Monday: 10am – 8pm
Tuesday: 10am – 7pm
Wednesday: 10am – 5pm
Thursday: 10am – 7pm

Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism

Available online and on site, the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS), is a pictorial and written archive of mythological, ritualistic, and symbolic images from around the world and every epoch of human history. The collection depicts the universality of archetypal themes that unite the human family. The Archive contains over 17,000 photographic images, each cross-indexed, individually mounted, and accompanied by scholarly commentary placing each image in its historical and geographical context. Commentary on the archetypal significance of the image is often provided to enhance psychological and symbolic meaning. Keywords, extracted from approximately 46,000 catalogue subject cards, help users explore archetypal themes of interest. A bibliography and glossary of technical terms for each image is included.

We are located at 28 East 39th Street between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue, New York City
Call us: (646) 536-2632 or Fax us: (212) 682-2024 or Email us: info@aras.org

Business Hours
Mondays: 12pm to 8pm
Wednesdays: 10am to 6pm.
(We are closed for the month of August.)