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Jungian analysis is a form of depth psychotherapy that assists in healing by fostering the process of individuation, becoming one’s true, whole self.  It encourages the develop of the entire personality rather than just the removal of symptoms. It is respectful of spiritual and creative processes, and draws on the wisdom of the unconscious.

The Jung Professional Referral Service provides free, personalized, and confidential assistance in finding a Jungian analyst or supervisor. We have been matching people with Jungian analysts for over 50 years.

NYAAP analysts have all undergone extensive, rigorous training and are certified as Jungian analysts by the International Association for Analytical Psychology, the official international society for Jungian analysis.

Our Referral Service Coordinator, Dr. Maurice Krasnow, will guide you through an individual consultation to find an experienced, compatible analyst in your area. He will explore your needs and preferences – a male or female analyst, the fees you can afford, insurance coverage, your scheduling needs, convenient office location, and any particular qualifications or specializations that are important to you.

Referral Service Coordinator: Dr. Maurice Krasnow
Telephone: 1 646-522-6922
Email address:

Finding a Jungian Analyst or Supervisor


Our Analysts

Our analysts are experienced professionals who represent a wide range of backgrounds and are trained to help with many issues. They have all graduated from rigorous post-graduate training programs in Jungian analysis at certified training institutes. They represent a wide range of specialties and have prior training in the mental health fields of social work, psychology, medicine, nursing and pastoral counseling, as well as in fields like religion, literature and the arts. Our participating analysts maintain their own private practices, have state licensure and professional insurance, and uphold the highest standards of professional practice.

Location of Analysts

The analysts affiliated with the Jung Professional Referral Service are primarily located in the greater New York Area, including Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey. The Coordinator can also provide referrals to qualified Jungian analysts located in many locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico and many other countries around the world. The Referral Service will make every effort to help you find a Jungian analyst in your area suited to your specific needs.

The People We Help

We offer services to adults of all ages. While all NYAAP analysts work with adults, some work with children and adolescents, and others work with couples, groups, and family units.

People seek psychological help for many reasons, and call our Referral Service about a wide range of concerns such as resolving current difficulties, exploring personal history for deeper understanding and acceptance, improving the quality of a relationship, or seeking a sense of direction and purpose. Some particular concerns that lead to the decision to find an analyst include:

  • Depression, inhibition or lack of motivation in everyday life
  • Anxiety, fears and phobias that hamper functioning freely
  • Conflict or insufficient satisfaction in relationships with family, friends or coworkers
  • Marital challenges and parenting issues
  • Stage of life concerns such as mid-life issues and later-life readjustments
  • Significant life transitions such as divorce, retirement or geographic relocation
  • Grief, bereavement or unresolved losses
  • Self-defeating patterns such as angry outbursts, impulsive decisions or compulsive behaviors
  • Loss of direction and meaning in life
  • Unresolved feelings related to trauma and abuse
  • Low self-confidence, excessive self-criticism or general lack of self-worth
  • Dissatisfaction with career, decision making or achieving goals
  • Concerns about body image and general attractiveness
  • Questions about sexual functioning, sexual orientation or gender identity

Starting the Process

Call us. There is no fee for our service. Phone 646-522-6922 or email The Referral Service Coordinator, Dr. Maurice Krasnow, will return your call to discuss your needs and how we can help. He will then speak with a prospective analyst to ensure his or her availability and suitability for you. Within a week you will have a Jungian analyst you can contact. Our goal is to make this process responsive, thoughtful, and easy for you.

Cost of Analysis

Fees vary. In the initial consultation with the Referral Service Coordinator, your financial circumstances will be considered. The Coordinator maintains information about each analyst’s range of fees and will make every attempt to match your needs. Most analysts do not accept direct insurance payments but will provide an invoice you can submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

Low-fee Jungian therapy is also available with students at the C.G. Jung Institute of New York. Students are supervised by experienced, licensed Jungian analysts, all of whom are professional members of NYAAP. For more information see, visit the C.G. Jung Institute Low-Fee Referral Service.